Operational Process Improvement

Consulting with healthcare providers to eliminate inefficiencies and improve performance is one of FreemanWhite Catalyst’s flagship services. Our team of experts works with clients to help maximize people, procedures, technology, and infrastructure. We conduct our analysis with a Lean philosophy that emphasizes identifying and eliminating inefficiency, enabling providers to create more value using fewer resources.

Alignment with our clients’ strategic imperatives is our first priority, and our collaborative approach ensures key stakeholders have a voice and input in the process. This involvement ensures in-depth understanding of issues and builds consensus for solutions. Our team of clinical, process, and planning experts works within an established method to help quantify current conditions and maximize future opportunities. As part of this proven process, we utilize proprietary tools to demonstrate how to maximize staffing, capacity, and patient flow and to craft the patient and staff experience to meet your established goals for the future. The process and tools help right size future space and staffing needs and prepare for the future.

FreemanWhite Catalyst has worked with hundreds of healthcare clients providing a vast array of services, including:

  • Innovative delivery of care models
  • Cost reduction strategies/lean analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Staffing analysis
  • Operational redesign
  • Physical space redesign
  • Computer simulation modeling
  • Implementation services
  • Transition services

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