FreemanWhite specializes in crafting strategy centric masterplans that accommodate both existing and future innovative delivery of care models. Successful strategic facility master plans are comprehensive, creating delivery models that address the growing complexity of medical care and disease management, the increasing rates of chronic disease, and the challenge of limited resources as reimbursements decline.

Our team provide integrated strategic, operational, architectural, and engineering solutions to support our comprehensive planning process. We provide guidance and recommendations as clients identify services that need to grow, seek enhanced operational efficiencies, forecast future volume projections and related space needs, and identify opportunities to gain efficiency and/or savings by relocating services to appropriate locations. No single solution applies to every client. We begin our engagements by developing a customized approach to specific market opportunities, competitive environment, and available capital to deliver appropriate solutions within each client’s established operational, financial, and geographic constraints.

Although the challenges of healthcare are complex, FreemanWhite’s approach is simple. We utilize advanced data analytics to link strategy, market, operations, volumes, capacities, facility space needs, and project implementation. Our tools support hospital and ambulatory planning in the development of system-wide master plans that allow for continuous updating and reprioritization as the environment changes.