At FreemanWhite Catalyst, we seek to help our clients succeed in one of the most dynamic and exciting periods in healthcare. For many providers, this is also a time of great challenge and uncertainty. We support clients in a wide variety of complex initiatives through strategic planning, operational analysis and redesign, master planning, and simulation services. We complement these core competencies with an integrated approach to Lean design and innovative analytics.

For the last 20 years, our depth and breadth of knowledge has been one hallmark of our service. Another is our powerful suite of data analysis tools that allows our clients to make rapid decisions with a high degree of confidence in order to achieve speed to market and/or operational efficiencies. We use these resources to help clients assess capacity, real estate, staffing, market and demographic studies, competitors, strategy, costs, and financial viability.

If you’ve asked or been asked any of the following questions, FreemanWhite Catalyst can help you.

  • How can we improve our overall strategy?
  • How can we align our strategy, operations, and facilities for overall success?
  • How can we quantify our current conditions and improve them for the future?
  • How can we involve staff with strategy, operations, and planning for the future?
  • How can we create or improve our ambulatory strategy?
  • How can we improve our patients’ experience?
  • How do we get patients out of the hallway and out of our waiting spaces?
  • How can we optimize our current space and even grow volume?
  • What is the most efficient, safest staffing model?
  • How can we best manage flow throughout the hospital?
  • How do we manage parking and patient access?